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Drug Arrest

24th November 2009
By Robert Bell in Law
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Drug arrests are increasing day by day. People take drugs for number of reasons. If one is suffering from depression or has a family problem one may start taking drugs. There are number of college going students also who are into using and consuming drugs. Failure in love and exams can also be one of the reasons. Drug is harmful if taken or consumed in any form. Thus, one should never go for it and if once has been addicted to drugs it would for his and his family's betterment to leave it. It harms one in every way whether it is financial or personal.

There are number of people who are of the opinion on legalizing drugs. On the other hand the police officials who are always fighting for the never ending battle which is against drugs would like to see and want an end to drugs. Drug charges can be severe and it depends on what state one is in. There are many punishments if one caught with the drug charge and it varies depending on different factors.

The factors that a judge considers are as below:

Whether the person arrested has any previous criminal record and has criminal arrests as well as charges in other areas. This person will not be easily by the judge
Judge looks at the lifestyle of the person. If the person has no past record of arrests but is a contributing and good member of society. In this case judge will be not very much strict with that person.

The charges for the drug arrest may be complicated just because it is a different type of offense. The first type of the drug charges is that of the possession. This means it depends on the amount of the drug that was in one's possession when one was arrested. The amount of drug also determines the strictness of the punishment. Houston criminal defense lawyer can be helpful if one is in Houston and is arrested because of drugs. It would be better if the whole situation is explained to Houston criminal defense lawyer.

The main thing in drug arrest is amount of drug which is in one's possession when one gets arrested. If one possess more drugs when caught the worse situation is that the person will be in court. If one is caught dealing with the minor the charges will be harsh and severe as one who was buying was a minor.

Drug arrests can be solved if the drug addition is considered as an illness and is treated properly. By treating these drug addicts one can save society as well as the whole world. Moreover, drug is also costly so it requires a constant cash flow and this leads youngster to move to theft and other crimes.Jane Cooper writes about Houston criminal defense and DWI Houston.
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