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About Farm Equipment Accident Lawsuits - basic legal info you can use

29th March 2010
By Penelope Stone in Personal Injury
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There is no doubt that farming is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. The U.S Government reports that there are 22 accidental deaths for every 100,000 farm workers. The most common farm accidents include tractor rollovers and equipment entanglements. Chemical spills, fires and incidents with animals also lead to a number of injuries every year on farms across America.

If the accident involves a piece of equipment that malfunctions, the injured victim may be able to bring a lawsuit to recover damages against the manufacturer. A product liability case can be filed and won if you can prove negligence on the part of the company that made the piece of equipment. There have been a number of cases brought over the years involving tractor rollover crashes where it was shown that the design of the tractor was faulty.

Lawsuits can also be brought by farm workers against the operators of the farm where the injury occurred. If it can be shown that the operator failed to maintain a safe workplace then monetary damages can be recovered. There is a long list of rules and regulations that farm operators must follow and if they choose to ignore the law they can be held accountable.

The key to winning any farm equipment accident lawsuit is to obtain skilled legal representation. The laws governing farming are quite detailed and victims should seek an attorney with a great deal of experience with these types of cases. Legal representation is especially important if you are taking on one of the large corporate farming operations that are becoming more prevalent across America because you can bet they will have skilled legal representation of their own.

The potential for significant compensation is there if you are able to prove your case.
Compensatory and punitive damages can be won in a farm equipment accident lawsuit.

That means that you can be compensated for money lost while you could not work, medical expenses, and you could be awarded money for your pain and suffering. If the case involves particularly reckless conduct on the part of the farm operator or equipment manufacturer; punitive damages can also be awarded punishing them for their behavior.

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