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Career prospects of Biotechnology Industry

06th February 2017
By IreneJessica in Business Law
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Information technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology are known as the revolutionary leading technology of the 21st century. Their industrializations are in the ascendant. Biotechnology industry, especially the biological pharmaceutical industry is a high investment and highly profitable industry. Its profit margin reached 17.6%, is twice the profit margins of 8.1% of the information industry. Therefore, looking into the future, most analysts believe that biotechnology industry is a rapidly emerging high and new technology industry after the information industry, it will keep pace with the information technology industry, and eventually become the core of the global economy dominant industry at the beginning of the 21st century.

Why biotechnology industry rises so fast?
I. Biotechnology has a great significance for human survival and development.
1. The requirements of sustainable development
In the 20th century, with the great development and progress of science and technology, people invented and created a series of production and transportation equipments and tools, communication facilities and apparatus, household appliances, computers and higher toxicity of synthetical compounds, which greatly changed their ways of life, production and economic, entering upon a new phage of modernization. However, human society is facing global ecological environment worsening; serious threat on population and health, food production lags behind, energy depletion and shortage of resources. Undoubtedly, these problems are caused by development.

In the late 1970s, humans began to realize that the significance of the safety of the technology for human survival and reproduction and ecological environment is no less than technical sophistication of the value of the social and economic development. Sustainable development strategy emerged as the times require for both promoting productivity and for human welfare, and protecting humans and the environment of survival and reproduction.
Since 1980s, biological technology and industry increasingly reveals the characteristics of strong, efficient economic and ecological harmony, and represents the direction of sustainable development at the same time.
2. The requirements of understanding, development and utilization of life system
In the development of human civilization in the 20th century, several landmark achievements of science and technology play an important role. Auto, aircraft and spacecraft changed human activity space and time scales and expanded the scope of people's horizons and activity; Electronic computer, communication and internet technology development achievements change people's communication, shorten the distance of time and space to communicate with outside world. But these technologies just provide the means and conditions that people understand the outside world, rather than realizing the internal life including the mystery of the human beings.

II. Biotechnology has the ability of technological revolution
1. Life science and biotechnology lead by the world scientific research level.
(1) The history of science in the 1990s is almost a chronicle of the life sciences and biotechnology, several major global scientific plan and results are born in this area, such as the human genome project, the brain decade, stem cell research, clone and human genome mapping, etc.
(2) Government invests a lot of money in life science and biotechnology research and development.
(3) The highest proportion of input and output in today's world of scientific research and development
(4) Biotechnology research and development fully embody the characteristics of the economic strength is synchronized with scientific research level.
(5) Biotechnology research and development attract and bring together most of the world's life scientists.
III. The market demand provides development opportunity.
In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has become one of the fastest growing industries worldwide driven by the rapid development of biological engineering and biological pharmaceutical. As far as development trend concerned, along with the improvement of people income level and life quality, the rapid growth of the pharmaceutical industry demand will continue for a long time.
Due to the inherent impulse of technology itself, the burden life sciences can bear and the huge demand for the pharmaceutical industry of human health, life science and biopharmaceutical as the core of biological engineering technology gained unprecedented development. Furthermore, we can believe that human beings will usher an unprecedented new technology revolution with the great development of life science.

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