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Can Dog Bite Attorney assist after attack in PA?

17th August 2011
By Jim Devoti in Law
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For the purpose of dealing with all kinds of accidents which result in personal injury, in a methodical and professional manner so that neither party is exploited, Personal Injury attorney Thomas J Newell in PA will be your safest bet.

Keeping in mind the severity of the effect victims have had to face after being bitten by a dog of any breed, it is imperative that you seek the help of an experienced and professional attorney. Personal Injury attorney Thomas J Newell would be your best and safest bet in such a circumstance. This faith may have stemmed from the fact that there is an increased frequency of dog-bite cases. Apart from availing of professional attorney services, you may also be able to seek legal counsel on how best to approach the situation at hand.

There are several precedents that you may access, to know about the various kinds of cases that have occurred previously and how the claims have been settled, besides coming to know the average value of compensation received. There are also records maintained about legal decisions declared in various kinds of Dog Bite Attorney PA cases.

It is imperative that once bitten by a dog, you seek the help of an attorney to help you file lawsuit and claim the settlement amount in the best possible manner. This is due to a variety of reasons, such as those enlisted here. Being able to attain a suitable settlement amount is sometimes imperative as the victim may not be financially competent to pay for the medical bills. An attorney would also be able to guide you about the best modus operandi to deal with insurance company of the dog’s owner. Being well-versed with the PA dog-law, the Attorney would also be able to get settlement amount you receive out of the lawsuit adjusted against the insurance coverage sum you are entitled to. An attorney well aware of the intricacies of dog-law would be able to help you approach the problem with a rational state of mind, design your lawsuit in such a way that circumstances in which you were bitten, breed and health of dog and insurance policy of the owner would all be taken care of to the best of your advantage. There are several other points that should be taken care of: such as location where the accident occurred; severity of the bite and your personal health insurance policy. However, irrespective of all aspects stated above, if the dog was not under proper control of the owner, you are liable to a settlement amount, as it will be treated as a clear violation of Dog Bite Attorney PA law.

Personal Injury attorney Thomas J Newell has been practicing since 1981 and has looked into cases and complaints pertaining to accidents and other injury-cases caused intentionally or other-wise. You may also contact the attorney to personally visit your home to attend to your case, and to advise you in filing your lawsuit. The attorney specializes in cases related to injury such as car-crash cases, Dog Bite Attorney PA cases and accidents due to ‘slip-and-fall.’ Thus, banking on his vast experience in dealing with such cases would be the safest bet for you, as he would be able to direct you about the proper procedure to file a lawsuit and in getting an adequate amount of compensation. Attorney-Newell has also been chosen by his colleagues to act as the Plaintiff’s arbitrator in both types of injury cases, uninsured as well as under-insured claim.

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