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Are You a Reckless Driver?

10th August 2011
By stephenschaunt in Law
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Like cars, drivers like you also have different kinds: good, polite, and obedient. However, no one fits exactly to one kind. Identifying which kind you are might be difficult because some kinds are identified subjectively. Thereís no need to worry though because there is one kind which is described legally Ė reckless drivers. Do you want to know if you are one of them? Check this out.

You are a reckless driver if you drive too fast even when there are a lot of people on the road. You saw the speed limit but you think it is just your imagination. That is reckless.

You are a reckless driver if you still drive after drinking some alcoholic beverage. Tell the officer youíre not drunk then theyíll say your reason is unacceptable. You know what alcoholic beverages can do. More often, they are the cause of car accidents. That is reckless.

You are a reckless driver if you assume your car is a big boat that can hold a lot of passengers. You should know your carís limits. Consider also your strength. Are you strong enough to drive a very heavy car? If you cannot accept your weakness, consult with a lawyer like an oakland accident lawyer or someone near your place about the possible consequences of you getting into an accident. Having too many passengers is reckless so you better know what may happen.

You are a reckless driver if you cut in and out of traffic. Itís not bad to be frustrated about the inconvenience. Other drivers are frustrated too but they donít break rules. Instead, they drive more carefully than usual. It will be more inconvenient to spend your whole day at the police station or at the hospital because of an accident. Worse than these is finding yourself arguing with a good lawyer like an oakland auto accident lawyer just because you didnít control your emotions.

Lastly on this list, you are a reckless driver if you do not give way to other vehicles especially to ambulances. You might be thinking the road is yours and other drivers are in debt with you because they drive on the same road. Learn to share if you donít want ending up in accidents and being questioned by expert lawyers like an oakland accident lawyer. They wonít stop until you get your punishment.
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