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Labor and Family Law for the Common Man

10th August 2011
By Mike Clark in Law
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An ordinary person is both a family-oriented individual and an employee.

He wakes up in the morning, gets ready for work, kisses the wife and kids, and travels to work. He spends time at the job site from 9 am to 5 pm, comes home to the wife and kids, and gets ready for the next day. As mundane as it sounds, this is how the day of the common man is spent, and this daily routine is covered by both labor laws and family laws.

The basic concentration of family law is the protection of the family. This includes the establishment of the family home, the provision for support, and the exercise of parental authority. It is the basic social and political unit of all, and the family law in Ontario aims to preserve its integrity. As such, the state has an interest in its proper protection and maintenance.

The basic concentration of labour law is the nurturing of the business of the employer as well as the strengthening of the employer-employee relationship. Both management and the workers are to work together in an environment of harmony and peace in order that all concerned can benefit from the fruits of commerce.

The labour lawyer Ottawa can ensure that employers provide the employee with all contract-imposed and law-imposed benefits On the other hand, counsel can also ensure that employees comply with the employment contract.

The presence of labour lawyers Ottawa can either be active or preventive. Their presence is active if a labour dispute is ongoing, and efforts are made to quell such controversy. Their presence is negative if counsel is there to ensure that all concerned are satisfied without any controversy happening.

Counsel understands that Ontario family law and labour law seek for the protection of the common man. In the family home, the person has the freedom to do everything he wants within permissible bounds. It is the policy of the state to provide for legislation aimed for the development of the family. In the workplace, the same person also has the freedom to do everything he wants within permissible bounds. It is also the policy of the state to nurture the business and recognizes employees as the primary socio-economic force.

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