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Call Personal Injury Attorney First After Car Accident Rear End Injury

27th January 2011
By faxinhock in Legal
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Rear end car accidents almost always require the expertise of a personal injury attorney, Macon, GA residents can rely on.They are the most common of auto accident types,and that is according to the National Safety Council.Being hit in the rear of your car may not seem like a major accident when it happens,but in many cases the accident leads to neck and back injuries that cause long term medical problems. Whiplash accidents are common, painful and life disrupting.

Don't Settle Too Early and Cheat Yourself

Low impact collisions, as well as high speed rear end accidents, can cause a number of injuries as a matter of fact including injuries to the neck and back as mentioned,but also to the hips, knee and ankles depending on what you are doing at the time of the accident.People who are stopped at a red light with their foot tight on the brake have experienced serious joint damage and broken bones at the moment of collision. If your chest or head hits the steering wheel you can break your clavicle or suffer a concussion.A seat belt that suddenly tightens can damage soft tissue in the shoulder.

But in the case of whiplash, the extent of the injury is not known until the next day or even later in many cases.That's because the trauma to the neck leads to swelling that takes a little time to develop.Other symptoms that injuries have been incurred include:

>> Ringing or buzzing in the ears

>> Disorientation

>> Headaches

>> Bruising

>> Pain at any spot on the body

>> Muscle weakness

Whiplash can lead to pain and restriction of neck movement for up to 3 months or longer for some people.There are also cases where the whiplash or other accident injuries lead to chronic pain and medical problems for years or a lifetime.That is why anyone who is involved in an auto accident like a rear end collision should contact a personal injury attorney in Macon, GA first and not agree to any insurance settlement.The attorney can review the circumstances of the case and advise you on matters of settlement.

Always Consult an Attorney After an Accident

Consulting an attorney is important whether you are the cause of the accident or the victim.Sometimes accidents are blamed on a person when there are contributory circumstances beyond the driverís control. For example,if an intersection light was not working properly or you swerved to avoid hitting a pedestrian who walked from behind parked cars,you may not be held fully responsible.This is important in a fault state especially because in some states the percentage of fault determines the percentage of financial responsibility.

The average amount of settlement if you are a victim of a low impact rear end collision is approximately $10,000. However this number includes people who settle too early and do not get a fair award.You are entitled to an amount that makes you whole again. If your injury occurred while on the job, your claim will involve worker's compensation in Macon, GA which can complicate the final settlement negotiations.The personal injury attorney in Macon, GA will work closely with you to seek all amounts you are due for compensatory and punitive damages or will insure you are only held responsible for your fair share of damages according to the law.

James E. Lee, II, Attorney at Law in Macon,Georgia is experienced in all types of personal injury,wrongful death, and liability cases,as well as worker's compensation. For more details on worker's compensation Macon, GA and Personal injury attorney Macon, GA please visit our website
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