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Breaking Up Is Never Easy So Expert Advice Is Necessary

01st March 2011
By Stewart Wrighter in Divorce
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It would seem that these days, marriages do not last happily ever after as is told in the fairy books. Indeed, after just a few years, many couples are ready to call it quits. The problem with this though is that the separation is often acrimonious and this is where the trouble really begins. Anyone contemplating a split must contact a divorce lawyer to see them through the tough times ahead. A divorce attorney will know how to get the best deal for his client which should make matters easier.

It is normal for couples to argue and debate about important decisions for their lives. However, what is not normal is for one to be treated with disrespect or violent outbursts. When violence is part of a relationship, it is only a matter of time before the whole thing falls apart for sure. Since women are far more likely to be the victim of the violence, and since they are usually the ones who take care of the kids, life will certainly become unbearable to the point where she just gives up the fight.

Even fighting over the kids can break up marriages too since some people have very differing ideas of what the kids should be doing and how they should respond to punishment etc. One parent may be easy-going while the other may advocate corporal punishment. Either way, it is obvious that this is where the conflict will start if they do not deal with the matter early on.

Although arguments are part of any marriage, how people deal with this is what will make or break the relationship. If they are both willing to go to counseling, they have a real shot at saving the marriage. However, very often, people leave this option until much too late and neither will be willing to concede ground. After this, it is just a matter of time before the marriage will irretrievably break down.

The experts will have a hand in trying to sort out the financial split that the couple will have to go through. Unfortunately, when men and women split up, they often want to punish the other financially since each will feel aggrieved at the situation. One may have stayed at home to raise the kids and put their lives on hold, while the other was supported through school and a career. The one with the career then is not willing to reciprocate once the marriage is over. Very often, this falls on the woman and she will probably be left with the kids too. This leaves her unable to get a decent job but she will still have to be there for the kids when they come home from school.

The man may want to start a new life, with more kids, and will not want to pay out for the first family. It is to this end that litigation gets messy and why the experts are needed to work their way through the maze of financial paperwork to sort out a deal for both.


Stewart Wrighter has worked with an Atlanta divorce lawyer. His daughter had an opportunity to work with an Atlanta divorce attorney as a legal intern.
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