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24th February 2011
By Walter Wolfsberger in Divorce
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San Antonio, TX Jan. 2011 Proactive, patience and persistence are just a few words that can be used to describe Sean Collinson, one of America's leading authorities in Divorce, Custody and Child Support Mediation. Called The Mediator to the Stars, Sean has been hired by the top law firms around the country as a litigation strategist and case analyst in numerous high profile and celebrity cases. Sean is also an author, a pilot and a dedicated father. As co-founder of Advanced Mediation Corporation, Sean Collinson is a highly sought after speaker and national expert in the field of conflict resolution for divorce mediation in Los Angeles.

Sean Collinson has effectively mediated hundreds of cases in Family Court, Civil and complex business mediation. Sean is man focused to justice, fairness and empowering the parties. He successfully mediated the second largest elder abuse case in the state of California, which resulted in more than $12 million dollars in recoveries to the victim. Sean has been seen on national television, was featured on the The Tyra Banks Show and can be heard on KNX 1070 Radio with Bob McCormick on Your Money 101. Sean Collinson's book, "How To Win In and Out Of Family Court," is also a national bestseller.

Since 1998 Sean, a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (NLP) has been immersed in High Conflict Mediation, with married and unmarried couples. After completing his early education in his native Brooklyn, New York, Sean moved to Los Angeles where he received his practical and substantive education in "Mediating the Litigated Case" from Loyola Law School and continued on to Harvard Law School "HNII" where he completed a post-graduate course in Deeper Wisdom and the Art of Negotiation. Sean is also recognized by the Florida Supreme Court Mediation Family Circuit. Sean Collinson's range of practical experience spans ALL aspects of Divorce, Custody and Child Support matters and Civil litigation cases.

Sean's sense of humor, real-life experience and a decade of successful conflict resolution and negotiating skills help make the mediation process proactive and efficient for attorneys and clients. Sean believes that mediation is not just a structured way to fight, but it is a mechanism created to manufacture peace.


21900 Burbank Blvd., Third Floor

Woodland Hills, Ca 91367

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