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Benefits of Web Document Management

09th September 2011
By GraceInfo in Business Law
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All the documents generated by company personnel, such as paper documents, e-mails, word documents, powerpoint presentations and faxes, have to be carefully recorded, archived and available when needed. Data storage systems includes management of documents; where they are stored, for how long, migration of the documents from one storage media to another (hierarchical storage management) and eventual document destruction. Proper systems for document management help in ensuring proper control over the use of sensitive data. But, at the same time, the systems should be easy to use and efficient in working so that the users do not have to wait for very long when they have to access the documents. A document management system helps in tracking and storing paper as well as electronic documents through computer system. It can also keep records of different versions of documents created by different users at different time intervals. In other words, these systems have advanced features of history tracking with the help of which the user can access the documents saved in history versions for re-using the information in prior versions for research and auditing.

Document management business offers complete solutions for data storage concerns, offer a wide range of digital media storage containers to assist in record management needs, deals with solutions for complete media storage problems and disposal of confidential and private paper records. These business firms have ideally equipped offsite media vaults who can handle computer backup tapes, media tapes, surveillance video, vital records, film and source code of files. The companies dealing in this business have solutions for protection of vital computer media and handling is done with expertise in climate controlled storage vaults. The trained professionals working in these companies have expertise in the relocation of computer media (tapes, discs, cartridges, reels, cases) and can assist in various records management tasks, using procedures and forms that can be developed and customized as per specific requirements.

Web Document Management System is used for managing files on the website through web-based content management tools that allow access to documents through central storage systems (intranet or internet) by the users and groups of users who can login to the website. Web based document management system provides private file sharing for users and groups of users and has an integrated admin system to manage users, groups and files. The benefits of web document management system includes routing of documents electrnically along the pre-defined workflows, ensuring document integrity, automating and accelerating processes such as document change, distribution, notification and approval.

The management document systems commonly provide storage, versioning, metadata, security, as well as indexing and retrieval capabilities. Metadata include the extracted text that can be stored with the image, or separately as a source for searching document collections. Some systems also use optical character recognition on scanned images for extracting text. Optical character recognition is widely used to convert books and documents into electronic files and for computerized record-keeping system in an office, or for publishing the text on a website. Document imaging system is management of documents by scanning, archiving and saving the document by using scanning software and equipment.
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