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Business Law

Benefits of Web Document Management

09th September 2011
All the documents generated by company personnel, such as paper documents, e-mails, word documents, powerpoint presentations and faxes, have to be carefully recorded, archived and available when needed. Data storage systems includes management of document...
Business Law

Requirements for a Document Management System

05th September 2011
Documents in any organization are usually documented, managed, archived and obsoleted. Managing of this cumbersome process is called document management and the name of the process is document management system. Large companies have their own multiple doc...
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Document Imaging Software

21st June 2011
Now, document imaging has become an indispensable part of business. Growing demand of this software has been recorded in the past couple of years because of its beneficial features. The document imaging scanner is required by almost all the companies in t...
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Document storage: types of storage media and their relevance

03rd March 2011
There is no way to stop the creation of the documents. This refers to not only the paper based documents but also to the electronically generated papers. While the concerns of the environment have reduced the use of the paper based documents to some exten...
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Integrated document management requires due document management training

23rd February 2011
Documents form an inevitable part of the smooth functioning of an organization. The documents can be created in the electronic as well as paper based format. The electronic documents could be carrying the texts, or even the images, videos and even the sou...
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Modern Document management system for improved efficiency of operations

15th February 2011
The growing businesses have growing volumes of documents as well which need proper document management policy. Depending on whether the documents are in the form of the papers or in the form of electronic data sheets or the web based documents, the organi...