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Auto Insurance for College Students - The Best Way to Save Money

24th September 2010
By Angeldom in Accident claims
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Are you a college student? Do you have a car as well? If yes I know one of the things that will be bothering your mind most of the time is where to get money to finance your auto insurance policy. To be candid it is tug of war to pay your college tuition fees with the ancillary needs.

Having this is mind is the reason why I have chosen to discuss auto insurance for college students Ė the best way to save money. so let us see the different ways that you can follow to get cheap auto insurance policy for college student with little or no stress to you tight budget.

(i) Find insurance firms with discount for college students

You will be surprised that there are some insurance firms that have special discount for college students. The irony is that while some offers discounts some other firms charge college students more. It all depends on individual firmís policy and regulation. It is their individual way of getting customers. Look out for them and take advantage of those will grant the discount. Internet may become very handy in this.

(ii) Do you have high GPA?

Some insurance firms will readily grants you discount if you have a high GPA. In some firmís application form this is requested while some may keep silent over it. Internet comparison sit will be of an immeasurable assistance to get such facility.

(iii) Use the address that will give you the cheapest auto insurance quote

It is always difficult to decide which address to use. In some circles it is believed that home address is better, while the others believe that campus address is better. In case you are not living at home and at the same time you are living off campus, the place of your abode which may be for years could as well serve as you home address. This is a dilemma, then what is to be done precisely.

I think a way out is to get quotes based on your parents address and at the same time get auto insurance quote on the address that you are living off campus. So to avoid further problem just go online and get quote for the two addresses, the cheaper one could serve as your preferred choice.

If you are really living on campus then it could be easier to use your parents address because this will be allowed by some insurance firms.. Any insurance that would not accept your campus address and has no other provision is to be skipped.

What would you do now? Take a bold step, spare some few hour and search out the cheapest auto insurance for college students on the internet and save you save some handsome sum of money.

Angela Oscar is an internet researcher that has special interest in auto insurance. If you need the sites to get cheapest auto insurance quote. Please obtain auto insurance quotes from this sites. You are allowed to use this article on your site provided the link and the resource box are left intact and click able
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