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Silleteros History Parade

30th May 2012
About 430 farmers, men, women and children from various villages of Santa Elena, decked with colorful flowers 46th version Silleteros Parade. silleteros The parade will be on August 7, at two evening and morning, to facilitate travel and work with the flo...
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Role of plants fertilizers

02nd May 2012
Examples natural or organic fertilizer are both classic manure , mixed with the waste of agriculture like forage , or guano formed by the droppings of birds (eg poultry, like chicken ). The definition of manure as fertilizer regulations of the European U...
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Plant nutrition

12th March 2012
The main nutrient involved in plant nutrition is thecarbon , extracted from the carbon dioxide from the air by plants autotrophic through the process of photosynthesis . Plants do not chlorophyll , called heterotrophs depend on autotrophs for nourishment ...