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Girl Scout Patches make Memories for a Lifetime

26th September 2011
Everybody has memories that they know will remain close to their hearts for a lifetime. For many people, girl and boy scouts helped to create those memories. What better way to commemorate meaningful experiences than with Girl Scout patches? In addition t...
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The Significance of Girl Scout Patches

23rd September 2011
Embroidered patches have been a popular decorative application that has been displayed on everything from military uniforms to sporting uniforms. Patches are an easy way to display an athlete or military memberís advancement in their career and their ran...
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Girl Scout Patches Are They Still Effective.

23rd September 2011
Girl Scout patches are an iconic part of Girl Scout life. Scouts are able to do certain tasks in a range of areas and receive rewarding patches to commemorate their accomplishments. While this has been a time honored tradition in the group for a number of...
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One of a Kind Embroidered Scout Patches for One of a Kind Memories

21st September 2011
Are you looking for a unique and special reward to present to your Boy Scouts? For their next participation or group achievement patch, consider presenting them with custom scout patches that you had a hand in designing. Boy Scout patches are part of a lo...
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Fosamax Femur Fractures: Cases Suggest That You Are Not Alone

23rd February 2011
Imagine this: A woman in her late 50s agrees with her physician that she should take the pharmaceutical product known as alendronate,sold by Merck as Fosamax, to stave off osteoporosis. Shes healthy and believes that she is doing the right thing. Still, ...