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Vehicle Accident Claims

26th March 2010
By Frank Smith in Accident claims
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People have greater chances to be hurt in a vehicle accident than any natural disaster. According to statistics made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration an estimated 45,000 people die in vehicle-related accidents every year, which account for almost 25 percent of all accidental deaths in the country annually.

Scope of the Term "Vehicle Accidents"

Common vehicle accidents like crashes, collisions and rollover accidents may involve not only cars but other vehicles such as motorcycles, bicycles, buses, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), trains, trucks, big rigs and trailers, as well. Accidents even happen in boats and airplanes.

Common Accident Claims

In most of these accidents, one is likely to suffer from minor injuries or fatal injuries that may result in death. People who survive vehicle accidents often experience difficulty in coping with the sudden and tragic change in their conditions, especially in serious cases of head and spinal cord damage which generally affects the functionality of a person.

Federal and state laws compensate victims for the injuries and damages they suffered by allowing them to file claims against the parties responsible for an accident.

Under the law, a vehicle accident victim can make the following claims:
Claims for serious injuries
Claims against an uninsured
Claims for medical expenses resulting from the accident
Claims for loss of income
Claims for pain and suffering
Aside from these economic and non-economic damages, the court or jury may also award punitive damages against the offending party in an accident, such as in cases of repeat or chronic DUI offenders.

Aside from the extent of injuries, the factors which caused a vehicle accident may also determine how a claim is going to be pursued and what damages a victim may receive as compensation.
Whatever type of injury you have acquired from a car accident which you are not liable of, and however minor or insignificant it appears to be, you should always seek both medical and legal assistance immediately right after the accident.

This article does not give any legal advice.

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