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Criminal Law

Getting Away from a Felony: Expunge Your Criminal Record

08th April 2010
If you have a criminal past, no one needs to tell you the number of ways it can negatively affect you. Job openings, career advancement and educational opportunities are now limited. It is both unfair and a truism that one indiscretion in one's youth can ...

Tennessee Expungement: A How-To Gude

25th August 2009
Expungements are difficult to obtain in Tennessee, so much so many individuals have to seek a pardon instead. Tennessee expungement law is some of the most rigorous in the country. In Tennessee, most convictions are permanent - only a select number of sit...

The Tennessee Pardon Process

08th August 2009
Due to the difficulties associated with qualifying for expungement in Tennessee, for many convicted of a crime the only other option is to apply for executive clemency, more commonly known as a pardon. In Tennessee, the pardon process is lengthy and di...