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Why and When to use Law Costs Draftsmen

03rd March 2010
By jennyhicks in Law
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Law costs draftsmen deal with costs in every sector of law both litigated and non litigated.

The main job of a law costs draftsmen is to settle the cost of a law case. They provide that vital link that can not only lead to a satisfactory recovery of legal costs as efficiently as possible, but can also release the lawyer to concentrate of servicing their clients without distractions. A law costs draftsman will also optimise the costs of a case ensuring the best possible outcome.

Law costs draftsmen deal with costs in every sector of law and have the best systems in place for the recovery of legal costs - the legal costs drafting service that moves cases to completion as quickly and efficiently as possible. Saving time means much less stress and hassle and also means costs saving.

A law costs draftsman recover Claimants' Costs or Part 20 Claimants' Costs (additional costs) on non litigated matters and litigated matters. When representing a client, a law costs draftsman will assess the case, offer advice, drafts the schedule of costs, negotiate the costs, prepare the necessary bills and costs, prepare court forms and draft replies. As you can see, there are a number of components relating to costs and without the use of a drafting service, these costs are often not tracked and optimised as well as they could be. A professional law cost draftsman who specialises in this sector of legal services is invaluable.

Legal cost negotiators can also offer the following:
Advice and assistance on RTA Predictable Fee Cases
Drafting interim Bills
Drafting Schedules of Costs for:
Allocation questionnaires
Listing questionnaires
Infant Approval Hearings
Application hearings
Consideration and Drafting of Points of Dispute
Telephone and / or email Question and Answer Service
Seminars presented by our best Law Cost Draftsman
When looking for a law cost drafting service, check the firm has the latest computer software relating to drafting and preparation of bills and costs. This ensures the firm consistently produces a quality service through every aspect of the case.

However, no matter how good systems and computers are, the most important ingredient is the law costs draftsman. Reliable, professional and dedicated law costs draftsmen operating as a team provide clients with a quality, reliable service.

So to conclude, the assistance of a law costs draftsman gives the solicitor and their client the peace of mind that all costs are fully layed out, that the costs are controlled and that the best possible practices are in place for the case.
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