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Work Injury Claim – you have a right to claim it

28th February 2011
By SamuelArthur in Accident claims
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Injuries are a part of life but when they occur at your work place, your employer is liable for them. The onus lies on the employer to provide you with a safe and secure working environment which minimizes the risk of injury. At the same time, in case of accident or injury at workplace, you do have the right to seek compensation for the injury and the loss caused to you.

Accidents at workplace could cause of loss of work hours, physical injury, mental stress and trauma. The reasons for the accident could be various leading from faulty machinery, improper machine installation, dirty work environment and lack of maintenance of the work area.

The severity of the injury depends upon your work profile and the accident as well. You could slip on account of slippery area which was not cleaned properly. You could get an head injury when you fall or something falls on your head for you were not provided with a safety helmet. Fractures, dislocations, sprains, eye injury or even head injury are some of the injuries which occur most at work place.

If possible before you attend to these injuries, you could get yourself photographed for it forms as a proof the accident and the extent of injury. You do need to report the injury to your employer about it and even make a record of the same in the company’s log book. At the same time, you could even ensure the other employees who have witnessed the accident taking place provide their version of the accident which could come of aid when filing the work injury claim.

If at all, a work place injury could lead to medical treatment or even a hospital stay, you could always make sure you collect the medical papers regarding the treatment and medicine administered to you, the copies of x-ray reports, pathological reports and other related papers for they need to be produced when you file a work injury claim. As an employee, you have the right to make the claim and receive Work Injury Compensation against the injury. If all your papers are in order, you could always seek out legal assistance for the same and proceed to file the claim.

The reasons for filing a Workplace Injury Claim being much obvious for you are rendered in a position to work and earn your living, the injury has caused harm to your physical condition and mental status for which you need to be compensated for you by your employer for the accident occurred at your workplace.

With reference to legal assistance and expenses for filing a claim, you can always approach a work claims lawyer who will guide throughout the entire procedure of filing the claim. With regards to the charges, the injury claims lawyers operate on a no win no fees basis which means they will receive fees from your employer provided you receive compensation and hence you do not have to worry about paying them any fees or a percentage of your compensation.
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