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Why You Should Have Your Last Will and Testament Prepared by Pros

06th July 2010
By Jo in Estate Planning
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Mrs B and her son had been warned that her health was deteriorating quickly and eventually she might have no alternative but to go in to a warden controlled home.

They both were aware more than one of her friends had left all until too late after the local local authority officer swooped down and took over. Mrs B and her daughter subsequently found out how the department got legal Power of Attorney, which meant they were in a position to sell off her next door neighbour's house to meet the cost of their care.

What really caused Mrs S to have a will professionally drawn up and her son were to be given legal power of attorney, was they subsequently learned that the money still left after her acquaintances died, was kept by the area office Mrs S and her daughter decided they would have her will put together by pros and to make sure that her son and daughter was given legal power over her estate they worked with a will writing provider to guarantee her wishes wouldn't be ignored mainly because of the local authority. challenging to continue with minimum assistance and would at some point need daily nursing care.

Mrs Ts family needed to be certain that their mum had perfect care as she had control over the ultimate selling of her house and any money that still remained after her care was paid for.Mrs T's health got a great deal worse a while after she had her will drafted. Her condition was observed by the carer who arrived each day and as she was required to do , she mentioned it to her line manager A social worker turned up in the morning to talk to Mrs B about going into a warden controlled home. The social worker telephoned Mrs T's son and daughter and told them that the department would put her in a nursing home. Happily, Mr T was in possession of a copy of the will plus the law was on their side when they spoke with the social worker and told her that they would find a nursing home for their mum as he had legal authority according to the terms of her will.As soon as the social services department had checked out the legitimacy of the statements made by Mrs Ts family they discontentedly withdrew from the situation. Making a will had been the best thing that Mrs S had done as it meant her son could find the kind of residential home she recognized she would be contented in, and she could dispose of her property to finance things. Mrs S was pleased because she realized that her daughter would at the very least have a bit of inheritance when she went, making a will with professional help had made all the difference to their situation.


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