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Professional Migration to Canada & Other Countries

Many people the world over migrate to other nations for numerous reasons. The prospect of improved economic condition, better living standards and better climate are just some of such factors. Earlier, only the highly developed nations, like the US and the UK, were preferred. But, lately, some other nations, such as Spain and France, are also fast catching up and attracting migrants like never before.
However, currently, it is Canada which is perhaps the most preferred destination in the world. Those wishing for greener pastures make a beeline before the many Canadian embassies and other concerned organizations scattered all over the world, dealing with visas. The country’s highly flexible and migrant friendly rules and policies, pleasant climate, low crime rates, excellent living standards of its people, and the paucity of skilled and unskilled workers make it an ideal place to move to for the migrants.

Actually, professional Migration to Canada presently is at an all time high -- what with professionals from the various fields and vocations leaving no stones unturned to realize their dreams of making it to Canada on the basis of their skills related to their particular profession. Along with professional migration to Canada, professional migration to Australia, Denmark, Singapore and Hong Kong is also witnessing a positive development and is at an all time high.

Actually, these countries are fast catching up with the big brother, Canada, and attracting both skilled and unskilled professionals on a rather impressive scale. The reason is not hard to find: over the years, professionals wishing to migrate to countries like Canada have swelled in such a big way that many professionals wishing to make a move to it are now deciding to make a move to relatively lesser explored countries, such as Australia, Denmark, Singapore and Hong Kong instead.

Coming back to Canada, skilled workers wishing to migrate to the country are usually selected as permanent residents on the basis of their education, work experience, proficiency in English and/or French, and related criteria which may assist such migrants to become financially stronger and well established in this nation.
Canada expects its business immigrants to make an investment of not less than C$800,000 to own and manage businesses in the country. Its concerned bodies also expect the interested professional migrants to meet certain experience and/or net worth criteria. Business migrants to Canada are classified under these key heads: Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self-employed.

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