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Where To Look For The Right Divorce Attorney

15th April 2011
By Mcbrick in Divorce
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When looking for a divorce attorney, make sure you take your time. This decision can affect the rest of your life and should be taken seriously. Deciding on a divorce attorney is incomparable to choosing a television model or what you want for dinner. There are many decisions that must be taken account for when choosing the right divorce lawyer for you.

A big mistake people make when choosing a divorce attorney, is turning to the local yellow pages and picking a lawyer based on a lavish and decorated full page advertisement. The ad may promote an attorney a certain way, but it doesn't say much about their character, personality or commitment to you. Many attorneys conduct their business by referral only, thus negating that a luxurious ad is needed to prove their credentials. If you do turn to the local yellow pages, make sure to interview as many candidates as possible. It will give you wider view of who will work for you best.

Always accept and look for advice from friends and family. You may have friends or family members who have gone through a divorce. They can give you details on what to expect and possibly give a referral on a divorce attorney. However, their divorce lawyer may not be the best fit for you. Every divorce is different and you will need to interview the attorney to see if she/he can provide you with excellent service for your unique situation.

Seek a divorce attorney who can take the time needed with your case. As stated above, many attorneys who advertise with full print ads, gain too many clients and cannot handle them at once. Hire a divorce attorney who can give you the personal attention you need, as divorces are loaded with detailed accounts and information pertaining to the divorce. A divorce lawyer should be willing and able to represent you at any time and not just looking for a client.

Find a divorce attorney who has experience with your unique situation. You shouldn't hire an attorney without child custody/support experience if you have children. Make sure the attorney you hire not only practices family law, but is their specialty. Almost all attorneys practice in multiple areas, so make sure one of their specialties is divorce or family law.

Choose a divorce attorney who is located near your residence. You want to find an attorney who is not only familiar with the local laws, but someone who frequents the local court. This will give you an advantage as the divorce lawyer will know the judges, clerks and other attorneys. This advantage may be able to give a better prediction of your separation outcome. Also, there will be many times you will need to go into the lawyers office for meetings, signatures, etc. Having an attorney close to your house will make it easier to schedule meetings and cut transportation costs.

Any divorce attorney you decide to interview will be expecting you to ask a list of questions. Be sure to ask insightful questions that pertain to your situation. A local attorney who has experience in family law will better suit you than a high profile lawyer out of town. Divorce is never desired, but if it does happen, you want the best attorney for your situation.

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