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What to expect from Eating Disorder Treatment and using the Eating Disorder Treatment Florida center

02nd December 2011
By pj030452 in Internet Law
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Eating disorders are not uncommon. There are many types of abnormal eating habits that can lead to a eating disorder.

The most common in the United States are Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa and Binge eating disorder. These are usually thought to affect females and have a lot to do with their own personal body image. However males are affected as well and right now it is estimated that there are over a million male sufferers in the US alone.

The actual reasons for anyone developing an eating disorder are manifold and complex. A lot may depend on the building up of the self image and comparing oneself to the supermodels who are mostly skinny. This desire to be like them, when one's natural body shape dictates otherwise, can lead to over dieting. Also involved is known to be peer pressure as well as ADHD, being fostered and there are also genetic traits that have been isolated as making certain people more prone to a eating disorder.

The important thing to recognize is that these issues are an illness. Largely a mental illness but an illness just the same. And treatment is essential and available.

Treatment has to tackle the issue on many fronts and must address the self image, the psychological as well as the knowledge base to enable the sufferer to be able to recover fully. Thus a holistic treatment is required which addresses all aspects of the illness .

One of the troubles with eating disorders is the admission that one has one, and then the actual act of asking for help takes a lot of courage, especially as the sufferer has a negative self image and actually asking for eating disorder treatment isn't easy to do.

But it is essential. eating disorder treatment Florida is one of many certers dedicated assisting people through this difficult time. No "one size fits all" treatment will work for this troublesome problems and so the treatment is best tackled in stages. The first stage is achieved when a client admits that they have a problem; that their sticking a feather down their throat to bring up the food they have eaten or spending hours crouched over a toilet is symptom of a deeper problem, that the inability to maintain a steady weight, is worrisome.

Once they have realized, admitted to themselves that there is a problem then the therapists can get to work assisting them to recover.

A successful approach to eating disorder treatment, using the holistic approach, involves an in depth Evaluation and assessment. It is critical to get this stage correct and so the evaluation must be physical as well as psychological. Once the causes are known treatment can begin.

Treatment may involve some or all of the treatments with a psychiatrist who may prescribe some medication to treat any underlying bi polar or depression issues. There is likely to be a fair amount of psychotherapy to help improve the self image and assist in the movement to being happy with the way one's body is.

Nutritional counseling and family education assists the background. Some clients do well and draw support from group therapy and various other alternative healing processes might be appropriate on occasion. The importance of the approach and why it is more likely to be successful is that the actual eating disorder is properly understood and then it is treated while full support is provided to the client.

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