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What Precisely Are Bail Bonds?

21st April 2011
By joanne in Law
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What are Bail Bonds?

If you are arrested a court will set the amount of your bail. This is the quantity of cash it will take for you to get out of jail even though awaiting your court date. Based on the seriousness of the crime you are accused of, the bond can be a higher volume or a lower volume. The main purpose for a bail bond is to make sure that you will be around when the time arrives to go to court.

Bail Bond Amounts Differ

The bail volume that is set by the court is at times lower adequate so that you can spend your own bond nevertheless if it is really substantial you will need to get in touch with a bail bond company. You can pay out them a percentage of the bond and a representative from the bonding company, a bail bondsman as they were normally known as, or a bondsperson will submit the bond so you can get out of jail.

For instance, if your bond is $fifty,000, this would be a instead big volume for most men and womento pay out. A bond that is increased is typically reserved for felonies somewhat than misdemeanors. Most probably you would pay ten% of this amount to the bonding business, which would be $5000 and they would submit the $50,000. The $5000 you shell out to the bonding organization will not be returned to you.

Misdemeanor expenses do not generally have higher bonds and the bonding organizations cost around twenty% of the bond for this kind of charge. If your bail is set at $1000, you would only have to spend the bonding business $200 rather than the $a thousand. This is also stored by the bail bond business as a payment for posting your bond.

Do You Need a Bail Bondsman?

Obtaining a bail bondsman is not difficult. They are listed in the phone guide, on the web and several law enforcement officers can steer you in the direction of one particular if you are arrested. Because they are usually at the jail bonding men and women out, numerous law enforcementofficers know them personally. There are normally bulletin boards near the telephone with company cards from several and their phone numbers, which by the way most take calls day or night.

Sometimes, specially in the case of a felony, the bail bond firm will require you to have a co-signer who indications that they will give up collateral if you do not display up for court. This could be a home, boat or car that is well worth the quantity of the bond much less the sum you have compensated to the bonding organization.

A bail bondsman will most probable take a picture of you and publish down any pertinent info. This will include in which you function, where you live, your car make and model and license amount. He will also make note of friends and places you go to hang out. Your co-signer could have their picture taken as effectively.

A bonding firm will want to make certain that they know as significantly as achievable about you and that you are heading to make your court visual appeal. This is specifically accurate if your bond is set at a higher sum simply because they stand to drop a good deal of dollars if you do not show.

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