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What is the Purpose of Form I-140?

17th December 2010
By Paul Anderson in Immigration Law
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If you are one among those who wish to work in the US permanently, then here we go. Not many know the fact that they can be sponsored a green card by an employer. The form I-140 is a petition filed by the US employer for a foreign national to work in the US on a permanent basis. Form I140 can also be used to self petition by some highly qualified foreign professionals.

Documents that Accompany Form I-140:

Generally Form I-140 is filed by the US employer and is usually the second step in the green card process. For most cases the labor certification must be approved. The labor certificate should certify that there are no US workers qualified to do the job where the alien is presently working and if qualified that the wages of the employed US workers will not be affected .

The employer should prove that he is in good financial position and can provide enough salary as advertised for the job. The following documents should be provided along with the completed form I-140 application.

- Labor certification that is approved.
- A financial statement proving that the employer's financial position
- Employee's experience letters at the previous employments from the concerned employers.
- Degree certificates, qualification certificates and other documents proving the educational qualification.
- The required fees along with the filled form I 140.

The visa petition when submitted to the USCIS should always include details of whether the petition from the beneficiary is being filed at an American Consulate for an immigrant visa or whether the beneficiary will apply adjustment of status application with the USCIS.

Once the application is completed it has to be mailed along with the necessary supporting documents to the USCIS. After the USCIS receives the form I-140 petition, an Application Receipt Notice will be sent which will have a file number to the case. This receipt is proof or an acknowledgment that the USCIS has received your petition. On approval of the petition by the USCIS an Approval Notice will be issued which is an assurance that the petition is approved by the USCIS and then comes the green card process.

Though the application is approved, it does not change the non immigrant status of the applicant. The status will remain the same as before the petition was approved. The petition's approval relies on the applicant's job and if there is a change in the job a new form I140 is required. The beneficiary of this approved petition will then have to apply to adjust status or for an immigrant visa.

Further, a major advantage is that Form I-485 can be concurrently filed with form I-140. If the form I 140 is filed already with the application notice, form I-485 can be filed along with Employment authorization and Advance parole. The option of E filing is also available while filing the form I-140 in which case it will automatically be sent to appropriate Service Center. Once the from I 140 is accepted, it will be checked for completeness and in case of any incomplete information there is a possibility of denial of the application.

Getting a petition approved is not a big task, but the follow up tasks are much more important for which a proper guidance is essential. With proper direction the process can indeed be more faster and easier as well.
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