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Website terms and conditions template is an legal documen?

15th March 2012
By Robert Mark in Legal
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The website terms and conditions template is a legal document or an agreement which incorporates the usage of one’s website. This legal document depends upon the nature of your business or the environment in which you are regulating your business. The website terms and conditions templates provide security and protection to your website. Whether you are providing an E-commerce facility on your website or you are offering services to consumers or visitors, all you need is a comprehensive website terms and conditions.

The website terms and conditions templates in Australia are considered as a law for both companies and consumers.
The terms and conditions templates document include:
A license in the copyright in the website
Restrictions regarding the content and material on the website (for visitors and consumers, what they can and what cannot add in the website)
Use of password and restricted areas of your website
An entire agreement clause between both parties
An acceptable and suitable use clause

A variation clause
A clause specific to the law and jurisdiction in which disputes will be entertain
An agreement regarding the information that can be disclosed under the Ecommerce regulations

Beside some of these provisions under the website terms and conditions templates for Australia jurisdiction, it is also applicable to post and adapt terms and conditions templates which suits to your website and business nature.

Moreover, you can also modify and change your website terms and conditions time to time and as per your need.

The website terms and conditions are not only useful for business or large companies but it is also beneficial for users and consumers also. The Ecommerce services facilitate a consumer with so much ease. The website terms and conditions also provide some legal aspect to consumers also such as:

The website terms and conditions templates tell consumers/users or visitors about the restricted areas of a website
About the liability of intellectual property of a website

Users access to content entry or posting
Security check and other legal risks

Net Lawmen provides a complete and comprehensive set of website terms and conditions for companies and consumers/users. This website terms and conditions template will provide you an end to end solution.

The flexibility in the website terms and conditions templates provided by Net Lawman is that you can write terms of your own choice. Only thing you have to keep in mind before writing the terms and conditions templates is that your terms accurately reflect what you intend to do in terms of business. Moreover, the website terms and conditions templates are suitable for any person or company around the world for any sort of sale (of physical goods) through any channel but we are not responsible for local laws in the other countries.
Let’s have a look into the applications and some special features of website terms and conditions templates.
Applications and Features:
• A complete and inclusive set of terms and conditions suitable for any product, goods or services or range of products
• Provides content protection document towards the problems and issues which could rise from people or visitors post any sort of content to your website
• An easy and simple amendable structure which suits your precise commercial requirements
• The website terms and conditions document encompasses all basic contractual issues including internet and technical
• The document includes an excellent set of notes to assist and advise you on drafting, alternatives and where necessary insertions


• Crux of the contract includes: when made, offer and acceptance and changes related to information on websites
• Customer account, privacy and confidentiality
• Price, GST: General Sales Tex
• Delivery and Risks issues
• Refund and return of goods: reasons and procedures
• Disclaimers and limitation of sellers liability
• Security and protection of intellectual property of your website(applicable only to this nature of document)
• “Acceptable Use Policy”: what to do and what not do list from your side by your visitors and contributors in terms of entering text, comments and communication. If there is no place for comments or communication, then delete it.
• Protection from hackers : website security
• General but wide-range prohibitions against customers offences
• Suitable and applicable legal provision and support in terms of warranties, exclusions and insurance

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