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Risks Of Cell Phone Usage While Driving Vehicles

06th March 2012
By Steven J. Malman in Legal
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Cell phone use while driving is highly controversial and an extremely debated topic for discussion all over the world. Every year millions of people all over the world die in accidents triggered by cell phone use while driving. Even though everybody is aware of the dangers of cell phone use while driving people generally turn a deaf ear to the government appeal of giving up cell phone usage while driving. More and more people have starting valuing the texts and the calls on cell phone more than their own life and several other innocent lives on road. Although banning cell phone use while driving might have worked positively for some states, the majority of the people are too unaware to pay attention to the ban.

Injured petitioners have still won cases, but had their claims reduced because they were using a cell phone. In such a case, the court will usually reduce the settlement by a percentage of the determined liability. Simply using a cell phone during an accident is not evidence of liability in all authority. Certain activities done during driving is considered unsafe by any Chicago injury lawyer; such activities are listed below

•Driving with one hand,
•Taking your eyes off the road to dial or pick up a cell phone,
•Simply being distracted from surroundings because of your own or a passenger's cell use,
•Being distracted by an emotional call.

A good first step in proving liability is to prove that a defendant acted in any of the above mentioned ways. When an employee causes a car accident, the employer may be liable if the employee was on a work-related call. Petitioner usually takes legal action against employers because they are more likely to have the money to pay for an accident. To counteract this, most employers forbid their employees to make any work calls while driving. This act is used as a shield to protect the company from any type of liability resulting from carelessness during driving due to use of cell phone.

Another important section of law to consider is the one that covers parent-child liability for cell use; Chicago has special cell laws for teen drivers. Teens without full license are not allowed to drive by law, on top of that using a cell phone while driving is double violation of law. Recently, some petitioners have argued that if any parents provide a minor with a cell phone which triggers a car accident due to conversation while driving, then the parents are liable for the accident. However, it is something that all parents should be conscious of. On the other hand, insurance companies generally increase premiums and might not even pay when cell phone use is involved in any accident, so be careful. Though cell phones play a vital role in our society, the convenience they offer may be coming at a very high price.

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