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we are providing waste scrap

23rd June 2011
By sameer in Business Law
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We are well known in scrap market since last 15 years and we have faith of thousands people in market for trading with us, we buy every kind of waste and scrap material at best market price because we have supplies of all scrap product directly to the factories and mills, we buy every kind of wasted scrap from factories, stock godowns and big Ltd. companies.we buy old and stopped factories, mills and companies for breaking it down and buy its wasted scrap.We buy and sell all kind of rubber prodect and tyre tube scrap in delhi, mumbai, banglore, channai, punjab and all over india, we buy rubber in good price and we supply rubber and tyre tube waste to factory for recycling, we buy rubber and tyre tube in bulk and retail, dear friends if you We are buyer and seller of S.S (stainless steel) in delhi, mumbai, pune, hyderabad, bangalore, punjab and all over india, we deal in all kind of wasted (S.S) Stainless Steel scrap like 210, 304, 316 of (S.S) Stainless Steel, we buy and sell commercial scrap like stainless steel sheets, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel block We are buyer of waste electronic scrap in Delhi, we buy Computer scrap, motherbord scrap, printer mechine, fax machine, wasted mobile scrap, computer ram, computer hardisk, and oll type of elctonic machine panel. we buy electronic scrap at best price in delhi, if you have any kind of electronic scrap so you may contact us We buy battery scrap in delhi, we buy and sell battery scrap in bulk in Delhi, we buy all type of battery scrap like waste laptop battery scrap, waste mobile battery scrap, inverter battery scrap, mobile tower battery scrap, car battery and many more for more detail please contact us +91-9891821921, +91-9871401416 We buy and sell all type of waste Aluminium scrap in bulk quantity, we buy Soft and hard aluminium scrap, purja scrap, and many more we deal in commercial scrap also like aluminium sheet, section window, aluminium pipe, aluminium gate, aluminium door and square, we deal in anuminium powder and mix waste. you may contacnt We deal in paper shredding in govt. and privet sector,Scrap metal originates just as frequently between businesses and homes as well. The proper disposal and recycling of scrap metal is typically done by a business or service. Typically a "scrapper" will advertise his services to conveniently remove scrap metal for people who don't need it, or need to get rid of it.Scrap is often taken to a wrecking yard (also known as a scrapyard, junkyard, or breaker's yard), where it is processed for later melting into new products. A wrecking yard, depending on its location, may allow customers to browse their lot and purchase items before they are sent to the smelters although many scrap yards that deal in large quantities of scrap usually do not, often selling entire units such as engines or machinery by weight with no regard to their functional status. Customers are typically required to supply all of their own tools and labor to extract parts, and some scrapyards may first require waiving liability for personal injury before entering. Many scrapyards also sell bulk metals (stainless steel, etc.) by weight, often at prices substantially below the retail purchasing costs of similar pieces.In contrast to wreckers, scrapyards typically sell everything by weight, rather than by item. To the scrapyard, the primary value of the scrap is what the smelter will give them for it, rather than the value of whatever shape the metal may be in. An auto wrecker, on the other hand, would price exactly the same scrap based on what the item does, regardless of what it weighs. Typically, if a wrecker cannot sell something above the value of the metal in it, they would then take it to the scrapyard and sell it by weight. Equipment containing parts of various metals can often be purchased at a price below that of either of the metals, due to saving the scrapyard the labor of separating the metals before shipping them to be recycled. As an example, we do paper shredding, plastic CD shredding, plastic pauch shredding, tyre shredding, pet bottle shredding at very low coast, we give our paper shredding machine on rent too, if you want our paper shredding serviceWe buy all type of wasted Brass scrap in bulk quantity, we deal in Gunmetal scrap too, we buy and sell all type of commercial Brass and Gunmetal parts like water Tap, sheets, pipes and screw. we are wasted brass scrap buyer and supplier in delhi, we buy brass scrap at best price in market We deal in all type of waste Paper scrap in bulk quantity, we buy waste news paper scrap, magzine scrap, school and college books and notes scrap, old office paper records, waste news paper scrap and many more. we buy wasted packing cartoon scrap from all factories and companies. for more detail please call us We Deal in all type of Iron scrap in bulk quantity, we buy Wasted iron Scrap at best price because we are direct supplier to Mills and Factories, if you have any type of scrap like casted iron scrap, hard iron scrap, selected Scrap, mill havey scrap and many more, we deal in commercial Iron We buy all type of waste copper scrap in bulk at best price we buy copper wire scrap with PVC too, we deal in waste copper like wire, copper pipe scrap, waste copper sheets, copper electric panel, copper wiring, mix copper scrap, we buy commercial copper too like Copper Sheet, Copper Pipe, copper wire without

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