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Wall Murals: Just What the Doctor Ordered

15th September 2010
By Charles.Myers in Business Law
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From a soothing seascape in a dental office to whimsical storybook characters in a pediatric hospital, colorful wall murals create an environment that cheers patients of all ages. Health care providers can utilize custom wall murals for the therapeutic value of comforting fearful patients and providing a delightful distraction for those awaiting medical or dental treatment. Wall murals also give patients the warm impression that the hospital has a sincere interest in meeting their emotional needs as well as their medical needs.

If your medical or dental facility is in Texas and you are looking for an innovative way to turn that stark treatment room or cheerless lobby into a soothing and aesthetic retreat, the creative talent of professional muralist, Leigh Watson will captivate patients and other visitors.

Using Wall Murals to Comfort Fearful Patients

For a variety of reasons, many people feel nervous from the moment they step through the tempered glass doors that lead to the hospital’s admitting clerk. Serious illness or injury and the moments leading up to their arrival at the hospital all contribute to the fear and distress that many patients and their relatives feel before they even see a doctor. Studies have shown that hospitals that are brightened by colorful wall murals have a calming influence on fearful patients and provide an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Using Wall Murals to Distract Those Awaiting Treatment

Some patients seem to have an innate fear of dental treatment. While seated in the waiting room, treatment room or other patient care areas, serene wall murals, such as a mural with an underwater theme, will momentarily distract patients from the pain they are experiencing or fear of dental procedures and provide beautiful paintings to entertain and delight them during a time of stress. Ceiling tiles directly over a dental chair are the ideal space for a lively, eye-catching mural. A professional muralist will simply remove the tiles, paint an engaging work of art and return the tiles to the ceiling. A mural overhead serves to distract the patient during a dental procedure and help the patient to relax – an inspiring view compared to white tiles or a paper poster!

Using Wall Murals to Meet the Patient’s Emotional Needs

Wall murals relieve stress by creating a soothing oasis amidst an unfamiliar hospital environment of uniformed staff, the scent of cleaning agents and the beeping of medical equipment. Children, who may be experiencing a fear of the unknown, are especially fascinated by the enchanting scenes and vivid colors of wall murals, which provide a stark contrast to traditional green and white medical décor. Patients are also aware of the fact that the health care provider took a few added measures to ensure the patient’s emotional well being.

Leigh Watson of Watson Design is an Austin muralist who creates artistic logos and stunning wall murals for medical offices, dental clinics, hospitals, homes, schools and churches all over the State of Texas. Her artwork ranges from dinosaurs, safari jungles and sports stadiums to fairy-tale castles, underwater themes, your favorite storybook characters (Dr. Seuss, Where the Wild Things Are and Beatrix Potter, etc.) and much more!

With Leigh’s imagination and creative spirit, waiting room murals, custom logos, mobile murals, wall mural paintings, baby nursery murals, and dental exam room murals make walls and spaces come alive under her skillful hands. She has also mastered the art of trompe l’oeil and can turn any blank wall into your favorite scenic get-a-way or rustic wine cellar. Visit Leigh Watson at to set up an appointment today!

Heather Preston. Wall murals - A self-taught muralist/decorative artist, Leigh Watson founded Watson Design. Contact Leigh for your next mural!
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