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Valid Cases of Filing a Law Suit

18th May 2011
By stephenschaunt in Personal Injury
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Although some people feel frequently deprived, one can only file a law suit if certain cases occur. One cannot simply point a finger at someone and file a complaint against him or her without any wrong or illegal act done. Also, there is a specific kind of lawyer for each kind of case. Some of the many legitimate reasons for filing charges against a person or group of people include the following.

Defective product

Lemons, as they are called, are products manufactured by a company which are not yet ready to be sold. This can have different cases of its own as well. There are some whose products lack parts, while some donít function at all. If the store or company where one purchased the flawed merchandise refuses to replace the product and the contract the consumer signed for includes this guarantee, one can file a complaint against the seller. This, however, may not be applicable for unofficial transactions such as personal trading.

Pay discrepancies

Before a worker starts his or her job, he or she must approve the agreement regarding the salary amount from the employer. If, in any case, a company fails to address to its payment responsibilities regarding this matter, the case can be a subject for law suit.

Vehicle collision accidents

This particular incident can involve any vehicle such as cars, motorcycles, or trucks. An Oakland motorcycle accident lawyer can represent the client in a trial when he or she crashes with a careless driver. If the situation involves only one driver, the damaged propertyís owner will be the one capable of filing a complaint.

A companyís negligence

The lawyer for this case can vary, although an Oakland personal injury attorney usually represents a client in court. An example would be a lack of hazard signs on a highly dangerous area in a construction site. When a person, whether an employee or not, gets hit on the head due to unawareness of the danger present, a complaint can be filed against the construction company.

Verbal assault

Yes, even throwing destructive comments at someone can be a subject for filing a law suit. An Oakland personal injury attorney is the responsible for this kind of case. This is a more serious incident if trauma is inflicted on the person affected.
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