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Dealing with Staged Car Accidents

04th May 2011
By stephenschaunt in Personal Injury
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Nobody wants to be a part of any car accident. Nor do they want to sustain physical injuries, car damages, or pay for medical expenses and deal with insurance companies. No one also wants to put their lives at risk in exchange for a monetary settlement. However, car accidents still happen. Some are genuine, typically unintended accidents, while others are staged accidents.

Driving your own car and enjoying your freedom on the road are simple dreams made true in Oakland roads. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you drive, there are still some drivers who take advantage of vulnerable drivers. They purposely crash their cars into other cars to claim compensation for damages.

A “swoop and swat” scene is a common car accident fraud. A car will pull off at the front of the victim’s car and another on the side. The car in front will suddenly stop, leaving the victim unprepared to step on the brakes, and the car on the side blocks the victim from changing lanes. The driver of the car in front will then hold the victim liable, both for the damages of the car and the physical injury claims.

To avoid being scammed by this kind of staged car accidents, it is necessary to always drive safely. Always fix your eyes on the road and be attentive to your driving. Keep your rear view mirrors and side mirrors in shape. Visibility is at its worst during nighttime, so be more careful during night driving. Otherwise, you will need the legal help of an Oakland car accident lawyer to settle for damage claims.

Proper driving should also be observed. Never tailgate; always keep a good distance from the car in front of you. In case the car suddenly stops, you will have time to step on your brakes and react accordingly. If you still get involved in a car accident and you think it was actually not your fault, immediately call an Oakland car accident lawyer to settle the matter legally.

No matter how minor the car accident is, there should always be evidence and witnesses. Filing a police report can easily prevent scams. Take also pictures of the damages and the people involved as soon as the accident happen. These evidences can be of great help to your Oakland injury lawyer in proving your case in court.
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