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Understanding Women And Divorce In India

07th September 2010
By revitol in Divorce
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When looking for a divorce in India it used to be impossible to not get a piercing, condescending glare. That is changing now. A brief understanding of how Indians perceive this word and phenomenon is necessary.

It is the legal separation of two spouses who wish to bring an end to their vows (known as pheras), for all effects and purposes. The procedure to get a divorce in India is quite unlike that exercised in western countries like the Unites States and Sweden. There is only one set of laws that are implemented and followed national wide by all tiers of courts.

In earlier days, regardless of whether there existed a radical divide between spouses, it was expected (by elders and society) alike that they would resolve the matter amicably.

Since India continues to be a largely male-dominated society, it still is always the women who happened to be the ones making comprises. This has in the past resulted in many gross injustices committed against Indian women. From the traditions of dowry and satti, they have been abused and made to subject themselves to unbearable post-marital conditions for what was branded as the "welfare of the family". Even to this day, they are at times forced to sit at home and manage the household.

But some of that is changing with time and a widening mindset. As we see advancements in the fields of development, education and human rights, it is the metros and urban regions that seem to be just beginning to understand the need for Indians to adopt divorcees as a part of society. Urban Indian couples facing problems now do not think about the societal consequences, rather they move ahead and begin filing for divorce. It will take time, but the country is steadily understanding the place of women and the importance of provisions like divorce in the legal system of India.
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