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Love Fades and is Followed by Divorce

06th September 2010
By Optimize4you in Divorce
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If you realize that your wife has fallen out of love with you, it can be very devastating. Instead of letting your life fall apart, you should take the time to take stock of the situation in order to determine what the real problem is. Is the change in your wife? Or are you the one who has changed? What could have happened to change your wife's attitude? Be very honest with yourself. Could you be the reason? Here are some things you should consider.

Do not let emotions cloud your actions

Avoid any kind of emotional reactions, whether it is trying to retaliate or beg. This is the time to use your mind instead of your heart. Be thoughtful both with the questions you ask yourself and discussions you hold. Get back to the person she used to love. Take a close look at yourself. Are you still the same man she initially fell in love with or have you changed in some way? Although people are dynamic, all the changes should revolve around the real you, not transform it. Could you have become complacent or even negative? Have you forgotten about romance after wooing her?

Try to remember how you were at the beginning. When you become the one she used to love, chances are that your wife will be aroused back to loving you. Consider the way you treat your wife. How much do you take part in things that really matter to her? Do you listen to her views? What are the steps you take to make her feel truly special? You may believe that you are doing these things. However, you should understand that women are different, and your actions may not necessarily translate to what you expect.

Think of the little thoughtful things you used to do initially. For instance, do you still give her some pleasant surprises? Think about yourself. Are you happy with the person you are? You should not expect to please your wife if you are not truly happy with yourself, or some aspect of your life.
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