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Types of Problems Tax Debt Relief Can Solve

02nd November 2009
By Matt Robinson in Taxes
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If you are interested in tax debt relief you are in trouble with the IRS in one way, shape, or form. Does this mean you are going to jail? Of course not. What it does mean is that you owe the IRS money, and you need to find a resolution. Why wait so long that you end up owing more money than what you initially expected? With penalties and interest that is exactly what will happen. But what encompasses tax debt relief?

Tax debt relief could be defined as tax solutions for those tax problems experiencing IRS or State consequences for unpaid taxes. It includes relief such as:

1) Stopping wage garnishment

2) Releasing a bank levy

3) Removing a tax lien,

4) Reducing or removing IRS penalties.

5) Resolving a tax audit with Representation

It can also entail the process of requesting an IRS payment plan or selecting the right type of IRS Installment Agreement.

Simply put, tax debt relief is used when you owe money to the IRS. It does no matter if you owe $5k or $100k, the point remains the same: come to a resolution with the IRS. Yes, it is a bigger deal the more money you owe. But even if you do not owe a lot, you are still in a position where you have to get rid of your debt. If you don't, the IRS is going to come after you to collect. When this happens you do not have nearly as much say, if any at all.

When you hire a tax debt relief professional you can get help in many ways and these professionals include tax attorneys, CPAs, Enrolled Agents and even former IRS agents. Their main goal and yours, is to get rid of your debt, and that is something you should be able to accomplish. But remember, you have many options on how this is done. For instance, you can find tax debt relief through a IRS Installment Agreement (IRS Payment Plan), an Offer In Compromise, or a Partial Payment Installment Agreement and so on as there are many solutions specifically created for the situation at hand. If you hire an experienced tax debt relief professional you will see what your options are and which one will work out best.

Federal tax debt relief is all about finding a way to make the IRS happy but at the same time reducing or resolving your tax debt. This means paying back the money you owe in some way, no matter if it is all at once or over the span of several months or years. If you need help finding tax debt relief, hire a professional tax resolution firm that is comprised of different tax relief professionals (CPAs, tax attorneys, Enrolled Agents). Visit for more detailed self help articles for major IRS tax problems. Request a free quote and analysis if you feel you would prefer to work with a tax professional then take on the problem yourself.
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