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Trying To Get US Green Card – Consider Diversity Lottery Program

16th June 2010
By Usafis in Immigration Law
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Do you want to get permanent resident status in United Status?
Are you trying to get United States green card?
Do you want to enjoy the benefits of being an US Citizen?

This article will be useful for all those, whose answer is "YES" for above queries. A majority of foreign nationals from countries other than United States want to be a green card holder in United States. They want to enjoy all the exclusive benefits attached with permanent immigrant status in United States.
Most of the people try to get a green card through traditional ways. The process of registering a green card application is time consuming and requires a lot supporting documents. Millions apply but only very few get a Green Card in the end. It is really frustrating if someone's application gets rejected after waiting for years and trying numerous efforts.

Diversity Lottery program is a better alternative for foreign nationals living in qualifying countries. The green card lottery program managed and run by Department of State offers more than 50,000 green cards every year. The whole process about takes two years, but keeping the simplicity and effortless process in mind, Diversity Visa lottery program is the best way of applying for United States green card.

Unlike traditional green card application process, people do not have to go through the tedious documentation process. All these formalities are done once someone's application gets selected for a Green Card, thus saving lots of efforts and money of green card applicants.

Department of state provides all essential information about diversity visa lottery program at their website. One can log on to the website and gather all essential information required for application process. The simple online application process saves lot of time and efforts of people.

However, most of the green card lottery applications get rejected due to minor issues. To help such people there are some professional green card lottery consultants, who help people in applying through diversity visa lottery program. These green card consultancies employ expert professionals who have knowledge of all aspects of VISA and Green Card lottery process.

To enjoy the professional green card consulting services offered by them, people have to pay a nominal fee. In return they get all types of help and guarantee of acceptance of their green card lottery application. Therefore, if someone is interested in getting a United States green card then he/she should try their luck through diversity lottery program.

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