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Best Use of a Canadian Immigration Website

15th June 2010
By Lonny Cook in Immigration Law
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Or... Why use a Canadian Immigration website?

Considering immigrating to Canada is without a doubt something that is an undertaking needing your time & patience.

Don't make the process even more difficult by going off of incomplete or bad information from a poorly researched site. And, don't spend time talking to individuals who can tell you the the same things & with less accuracy than a well researched Canadian Immigration website can. You must be careful here- as even those you may think they know or are being helpful can sometimes just be flat out wrong. It's not an uncommon person who's ended up getting the better of him and instead of just admitting he didn't know spouted innacurate nonsense that you go off of holds your process up or worse gets you in trouble!

What a Canadian Immigration website is going to be good for for

Gathering general information and figuring out where to start regarding the whole immigration process. Getting good information and coming up with good questions to ask. For example, a Canadian Immigration Lawyer will likely charge a lot of money to answer simple questions instead of ones that you really need real expertise on. Finding out experiences from others. A good Canadian Immigration website forum area can give you good information as to what the process has been like for other "real" people. They can vet companies and give you a vantage point as to what really happens as opposed to what professionals in the process may may try and tell you what happens.

What a Canadian Immigration Immigration website is not going to be good for:

making Sure that the information you have can be counted upon to be completely accurate in order for the process to move forward. Any Canadian Immigration website might have information that's inaccurate or even out of date. When it comes time to act, speak to someone who knows- things like Canadian Immigration Forms should not be left to piecing together from a website if you are at all unsure. If you have ANY questions, contact someone who would know... which takes us to the topic of legal advice! There is the old saying that the most expensive advice you will ever get is free advice. Don't do it. You could regret it for months, years or even the rest of your life.So go visit and <use this Canadian Immigration website wisely!

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