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Trying to Find an Immigration Attorney

06th July 2010
By Optimize4you in Immigration Law
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When looking for a qualified immigration lawyer, there are certain things you should look for right away. Make sure your attorney is actually licensed to practice in a US jurisdiction and is in good standing with the State Bar. It sounds like common sense, but there are many who have unwittingly ended up working with those not registered or have good standing with the State Bar.

Integrity and reputation is important. Check around and get references. If you can't get references, walk away. Find out if the lawyer you are considering primarily practices immigration law. If their focus is criminal or divorce law, another attorney had better serve you. When you check references, make sure you speak with people that have the same kind of immigration needs that you have.

They should also give you a clear-cut answer on what it's going to cost you to deal with them. And last, but not least, they should not give you a guarantee of success but simply indicate they will work for you and with you to do the best they can given the system.

There is no specific requirement for having an immigration attorney prepare those documents for you, but not doing so can set you back months or years.

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