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Top 5 Reasons For Divorce

03rd March 2010
By David Duggins in Divorce
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Top 5 Reasons For Divorce

Gathering accurate statistics on the most commonly cited causes of the breakdown of a marriage is a very difficult task, since there are very different reporting methodology. With such large differences even within a single state, getting accurate data is next to impossible. However, many different research articles on reasons for divorce have come up with many of the same reasons again and again. So, while it may be impossible to get accurate statistics, it is still possible to list the top reasons based on research:
• Infidelity:
It can be argued that infidelity within marriages is symptomatic of a bad marriage, and is not itself the cause, but rather the symptoms. Regardless, it is cited as the cause for almost a third of US divorces and is generally considered the most common reason for divorce. Some surveys have shown that adultery occurs in over half of failed marriages. Spouses may be unfaithful consistently during an affair, intermittently, or just once in a one night stand. Common reasons for unfaithfulness include resentment or anger (with the other spouse), sexual boredom, and many of the other causes of the marriage to fail.

• Communication Breakdown:
After having lived with your spouse or a number of years, it may become happen that the couple becomes unable to communicate with each other in a normal fashion. Either spouse’s inability to avoid difficult exchanges, which invariably results in conflict are representative of a communication breakdown in a marriage. In some cases, especially if accompanied by abusive tendencies or other symptoms of dysfunction, a growing inability to deal with any verbal exchanges without conflict could be indicative of a much more serious problem that requires the attention of a mental health professional. More often, however, growing differences between the spouses, which may have their roots in other, mentioned causes are to blame for communication breakdowns.
• Physical, Psychological, or Emotional Abuse
Where either partner in the marriage is frequently abusive towards children or each other, the other spouse will have clear grounds for divorce. Physical abuse includes violence, fighting, manhandling, and physical bullying of either spouse. Physical abuse tends to be attributed to the man in a marriage, although there are cases where women are the abuser. Psychological and emotional abuse can be as seemingly innocuous as verbal insults, and can range to taunting, humiliation, intimidation, and consistent negative reinforcement.

• Financial
One of the most common reasons for divorce is economic strain or collapse of the family. Every couple has to deal with the issue of finance at some stage, and when there is not enough money to go around, differences in temperament and priorities are often times elevated. Disagreements over the allocation of money and resources within the marriage and the home can often be enough to end an already strained relationship, and happens to be the cause for many marriages to end.
• Sexual Incompatibility
Recent biological research has shown that the average strength of the sex drive in men and women is most similar throughout life for couples aged about ten years apart. However, the majority of couples marry only a few years apart, and as such, once the couple approaches their 30s, the trend is for the strength of their respective sex drives to fall out of line. If there are already marked differences of sexual taste and preferences, or any other problems in the bedroom, this incompatibility is further enhanced. Couples simply, “stop having sex”. This again is symptomatic of larger problems in the marriage.

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