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Things to Ask a Divorce Attorney in Los Angeles

01st March 2010
By Robert Don in Divorce
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Every divorce is unique as circumstances differ from one family issue to the next. Add to that the different laws in each state and you get the picture that it's not as easy as filing for it and waiting for the final resolution in a few days.

A good divorce attorney is therefore an essential part of the whole process. Although you can still file for a divorce even without a lawyer, when unexpected conflicts arise during the proceeding, alimony and child support to start with, you may end up frustrated on how the resolution goes that may even be unfavorable to you.

Not all attorneys can handle divorce cases therefore it's important to ask the right questions so you can get the expected outcome or at least get the most from the proceeding. A good potential is an attorney that specializes in family law. If they claim that they are certified divorce lawyers, don't hesitate to ask for credentials and do some research on the outcome of the cases that they've already handled.

In your preliminary consultation, lay out the present circumstances and ask the divorce attorney Los Angeles has to give an assessment on how he will handle the case. He/she must give you a time frame and provide a solid strategy. Don't be shy in discussing legal fees as well. In some cases, an hourly charge can work. You need to discuss this aspect thoroughly making sure that no hidden or additional charges will pile up while the case is already ongoing.

If you find that your divorce attorney Los Angeles fee estimate for the whole process to be steep, learn which ones you can do yourself to cut down on costs. A divorce can get expensive when the level of conflict is high. If you think your case will be costly and drag on for a while, do some of the legwork to avoid extra charges. Sometimes you need to consult with physicians, psychologists or accountants which may cost extra so be aware of it.

Finally, when fees have been agreed upon, ask your attorney for an assessment on how he/she sees the outcome of your case and how long it would take before you get your final divorce papers Los Angeles has.

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