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Time Limits on Head Injury Claims

15th April 2010
By Robert Palmer in Personal Injury
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When you have been the victim of a head injury due to someone else's negligence, the law contains provisions under which you are entitled to just compensation. These claims must be made through a licensed solicitor, typically one specializing in his area. When bring forth a head injury claim, the law within the United Kingdom also provides a time limit for such cases. A limit of three years is the current standard in the UK. You have a time period of three years from when the accident occurred causing your head injury to initiate your claim in a court of law. The time window may also begin when you first learn that you sustained a head injury in the accident. This can provide the victim with more time as previously they might have been unaware of the head injury. The case does not necessarily have to be completed and ruled upon. It just simply must be started and introduced. Even if you have a valid claim and you make your initial claim following the three year time window, your case is not applicable anymore.

For example, say you were in a car accident and as a result had frequent headaches. This might go on for several years before you learn of the head injury. Even if three years has passed since the accident, your timeline for filing your head injury game would commence the day you were diagnosed with the head injury. This is helpful in these sorts of cases. Often the repercussions of such injuries do not appear until many years later. This still provides the victim with some legal recourse in these situations.

Other provisions to these cases apply. If the person sustained a head injury and then passes away, the time window would commence at the time of death. Additionally, if a head injury victim is currently involved in the litigation process for their claim and they pass away, the time window begins anew. This provides families with more time to continue on their loved one's head injury claim.
Your local head injury solicitor will be able to provide you with even more personal advisement to your head injury claim.
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