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Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Slip and Fall Accident

14th April 2010
By Kyle Amen in Personal Injury
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Slip trip and fall accidents are such accidents that any one of us may get involved at any time. Slip trip and falls can occur in supermarkets, city sidewalks and just about anywhere a person has tripped or slipped due to another party's negligence. There are compensation claims for such cases if you suffer an injury that affects you physically and financially (in form of medical expenses and bills or loss of income). Receiving medical treatment after the accident is top priority and you must get medical treatment as soon as possible. The medical responder will document the accident and that could help you in your claim process. You should make sure to get the copy of their report. You may give this to your lawyer once you hire one. You ought to not delay contacting a personal injury lawyer and make sure that you consult a lawyer as soon as possible.

A lawyer might help you determine if you must file a claim for compensation. Slip, trip and fall usually occur due to premises that are either not maintained or left in a defective or dangerous condition. A personal injury lawyer will conclude whether the owner of the building or premises has been negligent in maintaining the property and if this negligence has caused your fall. It is vital in such cases to take photographs of the area where the accident occurred, as well as photographs of the footwear you were wearing. It is also very important to proceed with the legal action as quickly as possible as there are time limits to such claims and delays can harm your case.

Personal injury lawyers may also assist you to get the physiotherapy aid. They have the comprehensive information about best specialists. Personal Injury Lawyers might help to receive the best medical attention. They know where you could get the best physiotherapy aid, and make sure that you get it. A qualified lawyer will send you to the best specialists that will help you to quick recovery. You may get information from a personal injury lawyer that you may well discuss further with your physician. It is quite feasible that the insurance company of the other party contacts you and offers you a settlement. It is significant that you know your rights in these circumstances before signing any papers. You should cooperate with any investigation, but do it with your legal counsel present to make certain that your best interests are considered.

In short, a slip, trip and fall accident can affect you physically and financially, and you may file a compensation claim. While looking for a lawyer, you must make certain that the lawyer has thorough knowledge of each and every aspect of personal injury law. You must also make sure that he or she has a extensive experience in representing the slip and fall victims. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer will help establish your rights and it will help to make a choice whether you should take the settlement offer given by the insurance company or you must file a case in the court to get the compensation you ought to have.

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