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Three Tips for Choosing the Right Chicago Personal Injury Attorney

21st May 2010
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It doesn't take much to turn your whole life upside down. A car accident, an injury at work, or even just a slip and fall. You're injured, sometimes permanently, and it's not even your fault! If you live in Chicago, personal injury attorneys can help you receive the compensation you deserve. However, since there are so many to choose from, how do you know which Illinois attorney is right for your case? Below you'll find some tips to help you choose the right Chicago personal injury lawyer, so you don't have to fight the big insurance companies by yourself.

First of all, you want an attorney that specializes in personal injury. This is very important because these attorneys understand how to get you the most money. They know what it takes to deal with all the legalities, other attorneys, and companies that are part of a personal injury claim. You certainly don't want to try and tackle this on your own. An experienced Chicago personal injury attorney can help make the whole process a lot easier for you and your family. There are specialized areas of personal injury, too. These include auto accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and workers compensation, just to name a few. It's best to choose an Illinois attorney that is experienced with the specific type of case you have.

Next, speak with several attorneys. Don't just choose the first one that will take your case. The fees for these types of cases are usually based on the judgment, as the Illinois attorney you choose will get a percentage of the final award. In most cases, this is around 40%. However, you will seldom have to pay anything upfront and the costs of the case are covered. By either meeting or speaking with several different Chicago personal injury firms, you'll be able to choose the one that has the most experience and suits your needs.

Finally, ask your friends and family members who they recommend. One of the best forms of advertising is by word of mouth. You can also get on the internet and see which Chicago personal injury firms have the best reviews. The Illinois Attorney Bar Association can also help you find an attorney that specializes in the area of law your case will fall under. Many people make the mistake of spending hours searching through the phonebook, calling law firms, and scheduling appointments when all they really need to do is find one website that lists the Illinois attorney that practice only Chicago personal injury law.

In closing, when you follow the above steps, it will be easy for you to find the Illinois attorney that is best suited for your case. Remember to look for one that specializes in your type of problem, don't choose the first one you speak to, and ask friends and family members for their recommendations. You want an Illinois attorney that will fight for your rights. Don't settle for anything less or it could cost you in the end.

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