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Thefts and Criminal Law

02nd October 2009
By Robert Bell in Criminal Law
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Theft is considered to be a serious crime. Theft in legal terms means the intent to take another person’s belonging without the consent of that person who is the owner of that property or belonging. If there is no intend it does not fall under the category of theft. Theft is also said to have occurred when someone either receives or accepts property even when it is within one’s knowledge.


The illustration is that if somebody puts or places some items in another person’s carry bag of which that person is not aware of or does not have any knowledge about it. In this case that another person in whose carry bag the items were placed should not be held responsible for theft. The reason for that another person not being held responsible for theft is because that person never intended to take the items but in fact the items were placed by someone else.

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

In above circumstances where one is innocent and has committed theft, the best way to defend would be to engage a Houston Criminal Lawyer. Engaging a Houston theft Criminal Lawyer would help the person to present the case successfully and effectively. Moreover, the lawyer would be able to explain the situation properly. A good Houston theft Criminal Lawyer will discuss the whole case with the person in detail. The person should always tell the truth to the lawyer.

Theft crimes in Houston

Theft crimes in Houston include:

1. Fraud

2. Forgery

3. Shoplifting

4. Theft by check

5. Employee theft

6. Insurance theft

7. Possession of the stolen property

If one is convicted of any one of these crimes one can face harsh penalties. The penalties will vary depending on the value of what has been stolen as well as other circumstances. Thus the value of the stolen property will be the main measure in deciding penalty.


Depending on value alone, the penalties which one could face are as below:

If one is convicted of stealing the property:

* For the value less than $50, one could be facing a class C misdemeanor
* For the value between $50-$500, one could be facing a class B misdemeanor
* For the value between $100,000-$200,000, one could be facing second degree felony
* For the value $200,000 or more, one could be facing a first degree felony.
* For the value between $500-$1500, one could be facing a class A misdemeanor
* For the value between $20,000-$100,000, one could be facing a third degree felony

* For the value between $1,500-$20,000, one could be facing the state jail felony

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