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The Things to be noted while filing your US citizenship form

18th April 2011
By Jessica Potter in Immigration Law
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Aspiring to become a U.S. citizen is lifelong dream for many people. Deciding to become a U.S.citizen demands responsibility, loyalty to the US Constitution and commitment to the country .The nation becomes stronger when its citizens are tolerant towards respect the varied opinions, cultures, ethnic groups, and religions. This attitude is very important to become a US citizen. An individual becomes a U.S. citizen either at birth or after birth. Some acquire the esteemed status of us citizenship very quickly but some taste success after a long wait. Although the Federal government has ensured that all the requirements that are needed to qualify to become a US citizen are made available to the public, very often people get stuck during the filling up of us citizenship form.

US citizenship form

The first and foremost doubt that troubles a person while filling the US citizenship form is regarding his eligibility status at the time of application. After checking this with the checklist provided, the applicant must choose the appropriate US citizenship form.

• Applicants who are eligible use the US citizenship Form N-400 - Application for Naturalization to apply for naturalization;
• Applicants who acquired their US citizenship from their parent(s) when they were under18 years of age make use of the US citizenship Form N-600 - Application for Certificate of Citizenship to document their citizenship.
• If at all one need to replace their certificate of citizenship or naturalization, the official US citizenship form to be used is Form N-565. This can be filed online. After which it has to be filed with the local USCIS office, which exercises jurisdiction over the applicant’s place of residence.
• If original citizenship certificate has been lost, destroyed or stolen or if the current information on the applicant’s original certificate has become outdated or found faulty , Individuals can apply for a replacement of certificate using the official N-565

Error Free US citizenship form

Each of the above mentioned US citizenship forms have a specific set of requirements. In addition to satisfying all the demands, the applicant must provide the supporting documents for proof along with the filled in US citizenship form. Incomplete or faulty form will lead to the rejection of one’s application for citizenship. Also, the applicant must make copies of the US citizenship form that is being submitted. A completely filled us citizenship form does not usually require any original documents as proof unless it has been mentioned particularly. Another important point to be noted while filling any US citizenship form is that all entries on the US citizenship form should be legible. If the submitted application is rejected, the applicant gets the chance to reapply. In such conditions, the applicant should complete and resubmit a new US citizenship form - Form N-400 and pay the USCIS fee again.

Now that online filing of US citizenship form has emerged, the magnitude of errors has been greatly minimised. To ensure that the application is processed quickly and the citizenship status is conferred without much delay, the applicant must submit an error free US citizenship form.

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