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Australian visas and Australian citizenship

13th April 2011
By dylan in Immigration Law
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Some people dream of going to places, places they’ve never thought they could go to in their lifetime. If these dreams do come true, some end up hoping to stay in those places for a long time. Others may want to become citizens of those countries they have learned to embrace and love. For these dreams don’t easily come true, it only happens to people who are lucky and meant to be given such a chance.

Australia is one of those places where people would love to settle in. It is a place where people could imagine that they can live the rest of their lives in. That is why these people are eager to know how it is to avail Australian visas to fulfill their dreams of Australian migration. Going to Australia needs requirements and the Australian immigration implemented rules strictly and thus, should be followed.

Immigration to Australia is easy if you go to the right people for assistance. It is also easier if you try to accomplish all the requirements needed. Once you get to Australia, then you should to apply for citizenship. This is the hard part. One must know what it is to be Australian.

Being an Australian Citizen, one must commit himself to Australia and the principle it stands for. One should recognize this as an opportunity that makes you embrace its history and culture.

Australian citizenship is a privilege and thus, you are entitled to vote in federal, state, or territory elections. You can apply for work in the Australian Public Service or in the Australian Defense Force. You can also apply for an Australian passport and re-enter Australia freely. You can receive help from an Australian official while overseas. And most importantly, you can register children born overseas as Australian citizens by descent.

But with these privileges come responsibilities. These responsibilities include obeying the law and defending Australia when the need arises. Any Australian will be called to serve the jury.

As a citizen, one must pledge on their beliefs and respect the freedom and equalities that Australia has to offer to its people.

Australia’s democratic beliefs include Parliamentary democracy, the rule of law, living peacefully with its countrymen, and being able to respect all individuals regardless of background and should be compassionate for those in need.

Australians express freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of association, and freedom of religion and secular government.

Australians believe that there is equality in Australia, among its men and women. Each and everyone is given equal opportunities.

Knowing all of these, a person is lured to become an Australian citizen because being one is a great opportunity and privilege.

People who are interested should try to apply for visas to Australia. They try to comply all requirements for Australian migration. Australian immigration office can be of great help. So don’t hesitate to go to the office and present yourself as an eager applicant for an Australian visa. Who knows, maybe your dreams might come true.

Dylan Lautner
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