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Info On Divorce Records

18th March 2011
By Ben Dave in Divorce
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Publicity of records in the society is one benefit that is brought about by the Freedom of Information Act of 1966. As a matter of fact, people get easily informed about anyone these days because of the transparency in the society. For example, ohio divorce records helps individuals double-check the backgrounds of their prospective partners or future spouse. It is equally significant for those who are just starting to date a stranger.

In the state of Ohio, abstracts of those divorce files are obtainable at the state’s Department of Health. This office houses accounts for this type of event that occurred in this state since September 7, 1949 up to the current time. Unfortunately, this is not the divorce decree per se. As per the state laws, these abstracts are basically brief forms that contain the original divorce decrees’ basic information.

The Bureau of Vital Statistics of the state manages these important files, but it doesn’t hold the divorce decree that you need. Such information is only obtainable at the Country Clerk of Court where the couple were officially divorced. In requesting for this information, make sure to indicate the involved couple’s full names, place and time of the divorce, your relationship with that person, and your name, address, and contact number.

Conducting the search at the Supreme Court, the Chancery Court, or the Common Pleas Court is recommended for those who are in need of that document for divorce cases that occurred before 1851. The most conventional means of gathering the information is by turning into those agencies of the government. Such method, though, was found to be time-inefficient.

Normally, conducting the process through those governmental offices entail some paperworks to comply with. It also involves waiting in line at various departments. Unfortunately, it requires you to wait for several days to even weeks before you will receive the report that you need. Good thing, numerous private record providers are now available online to provide a much easier and faster way to retrieve the information.

Public Divorce Records are now within your reach through the Internet. You do not have to wait in line anymore or go through that long procedure that is imposed by the government. This time, as long as you have an online computer and the best service provider, everything will be right infront of you in split seconds only. This method is indeed much faster and inexpensive, too.

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