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The Finest Electric Log Splitter from Speeco

19th November 2010
By CorvinaBeaulont in Immigration Law
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An electric log splitter is usually the machine of pick when cutting logs for stoves and wood furnaces. They are bulky machines that save you from buying big quantities of wood and cutting it the difficult way. There are many choices that are available on the market but one of the most trusted is a machine from Speeco.

The line of wood splitters that carry the Speeco brand offers a diverse choice to consumers. It ranges from the smaller electric log splitters to the huge ones. Each of the machines are incorporated with features that will make life more simple for you. These log splitters can catch and hold logs for you and are made high enough to prevent you from bending over too far. The power you will be working on also comes different with each engine type.

All log splitters from Speeco carry a warranty on different parts. If you have a hydraulic model, it will have a warranty that will cover three years but for electric log splitters, the warranty is only for a year. The same warranty goes for the engines as well. If you want to know more about the warranty of Speeco products, you can check out their site You also need to access this site to activate the warranty.

Hydraulic models are more suited to large and hard wood but if you will only be working on soft and small logs, the electric log splitter will do. If you are going to order one online, bear in mind that this is a large machine that has a big shipping cost. If you cannot afford the rate, you can try contacting Speeco directly to know if they have a licensed distributor near your area.

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