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The Divorce Don'Ts - What Not to Do When Getting a Divorce

19th May 2011
By LouanneB in Divorce
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When going through a divorce, it is important to know the divorce doníts, as not knowing, could be a huge mistake.

Bragging on the internet about new purchases and holidays could cost you dearly. Itís kind of hard to prove that you donít have any money, if youíre boasting on the Net about living a luxurious lifestyle.

The internet is a great way to keep in contact with friends and family, but itís also a sure way of having evidence piled against you in a divorce court. Posting those photos of when you were hammered, or simply holding up a glass at a party although innocently, could mean more than it actually is, especially when brought up in a court proceeding.

Donít cut corners when it comes to getting a divorce lawyer. You will gain in the long run by having someone top-notch to represent you. Be sure not to discuss any money settlements unless your lawyer is present. Donít sign any agreement or settlement of any kind, unless you fully understand what is written. If you have any questions, be sure to ask. In addition, if you foresee a divorce approaching, start placing some money ahead if you can, as you will need to give some money in trust upfront right from the start. And whatever you do, donít use the same lawyer as your partner.

Donít keep credit cards that are in both of your names. Your soon-to-be ex could be having fabulous clothes and great vacations at your expense.

Donít rely on the same insurance coverage that you once had, this can change quickly during a divorce. Sometimes you are still covered for a specific length of time after a divorce under the same plan as your previous partnerís plan, but additional fees often apply.

Donít move out of the house unless you absolutely have to, such as for reasons of abuse. Only move on the advice of your lawyer.

Donít be crazy about material things, no matter how emotionally hard it seems to be, take inventory. Donít leave more than your share out of guilt, nor should you take more because of revenge. Unless you are leaving because of abuse, take the time to take notes of the last few years for both debts and assets that you both have. Look things up; you are probably upset right now, and functioning with little sleep, and may not remember all of the important details clearly.

Donít say terrible things about your partner to your children. This ordeal is difficult enough for them; they donít need the additional grief.

Donít abandon your friends and become homebound. Your friends want to be there for you, let them. Thatís what friends are for. Donít worry, they will also have a lot of advice on the divorce doníts.

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