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I Am Getting a Divorce Now - Does Scripture Teach That I Can't Re-Marry?

25th November 2010
Losing the love of your life is a traumatic experience, worse still if the Bible teaches that you can't re-marry. Let me re- assure you that no matter what I say in this teaching, you are going to do what you want to do. And even if what I say is somewhat...
Author: Matthew Robert Payne

Sacramento Family Law Attorney Information

01st June 2010
Sacramento Family Law Attorney The genuine methods and payment can be a menace for equally the parties. If the divorce proceeding legal professional in Sacramento is contested then hundreds of bucks are wasted on running around and acquiring excellent at...
Author: Chester Booker

Divorce Lawyers Reduce Courtroom Hassles

26th March 2010
The end of a relationship is a worrying and sad time. Maintaining a relationship is a tough job as there are two persons with differing interests, likes and dislikes who are bound to live under one roof. Starting a new and bright life is not possible unti...
Author: Article Publisher

There Goes Happily Ever After - 5 Reasons Why Couples Get Divorced

08th December 2009
There may be a difference of opinion on the exact number but there is no doubt that the divorce rate in this country is outrageously high. It's so out of control that one person in California is gathering signatures in an effort to have a referendum o...
Author: Daryl Campbell

Get The Help You Need To Save Your Marriage!

21st July 2009
Marriage is a commitment that should be entered into by two people consent and who vow to stick by each others side no matter what. This is the reason couples' therapy are becoming a trend thesedays; to stop your divorce and save your marriage. There is n...
Author: Samantha Gilford