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Immigration Law

Australia Immigration Service

09th August 2011
When it comes to immigration and the destination preferred, few nations can really beat Australia, the Land of Kangaroos. It is a leading immigration destination in the world, and it sees thousands of prospective immigrants, to avail of Australia Immigrat...
Author: Abhinav Visas and Immigration Services
Accident claims

Had A Motor Accident? File A Car Accident Claim

30th June 2011
With life becoming more and more unpredictable today, anything can happen anytime catching us completely at unawares. With car accidents becoming too common today, we should always be prepared for it. Though accidents are unavoidable, the car accident cla...
Author: Bonita George
Accident claims

Make A Car Accident Claim - First Things To Do…

09th May 2011
A car accident claim can never be the same as another. Each claim is distinct because not two accidents are the same. They might be similar, but not exactly the same. Paradoxically, millions of accidents happen every year, yet getting claim compensation i...
Author: sunyee
Accident claims

Whiplash claims - what are the first steps?

28th August 2009
Whiplash Compensation Claims So you have been involved in a minor car accident or a collision? You want to claim some compensation for your sufferings, but you dont know where to start. The first step in any whiplash compensation claim is to find a ...
Author: Jameseccles