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Divorce Support

21st September 2011
MarinaJ specialises in Divorce Support and will be with you, and beside you to support you as you undergo a situation of divorce. MarinaJ enables the healing of the emotional hurt and blocks that make a person heavy post-divorce. Our Divorce support progr...
Author: Marinaj
Real Estate Law

How to Buy a Foreclosure

13th June 2011
First off, today is a very different market than it was in 2004. Back then, you qualified to help someone buy a home if you had a real estate license and a pulse. Those same part-time Realtors are still out there, but they're even more destructive now tha...
Author: Homeencounter
Business Law

A safe and well-paying method on how to sell jewelry online

11th May 2011
Jewelry, gold, silver, diamond, platinum and the like are precious to us but circumstances might force one to sell them for this or that reason. Such jewelry should fetch us a good price, at least if the current high market prices are anything to go by. H...
Author: Baldwin Thompson
Immigration Law

Bringing Your Bride Home on a UK Spouse Thailand Visa

21st April 2011
All I am trying to say is that there just might be a possibility that it might not apply in your case. Hence, each application is completely different from the other. So, do not look out for shortcuts, instead give it your best shot!It is agreed that marr...
Author: Ramiro Little
Immigration Law

What exactly are The Needs To Apply For US Citizenship Based On Service From the US Forces?

06th April 2011
Everyone who's serving currently within the U.S. armed forces or has served in the U.S. armed forces has the qualifications to apply for U.S. citizenship based on specified unique provisions under the Immigration and Nationality Act or INA. According to ...
Author: Klaus Wood

E File Taxes Online Its Easy, Fast and Safe to File Online Taxes

15th March 2011
You will get surprised how each year the number of online taxpayers increases gradually. Due to great benefits, convenience and safety, most people prefer filing their taxes online. Even the IRS highly supports electronic filing for certain reasons becaus...
Author: avalittletax

The Value of an American Visa B1-B2

10th March 2011
An American visa will be the most useful key that a foreign citizen has for getting into the United States and have the ability:to complete company make investments, do banking transactions, or to journey freely and legally inside of the U.S. territory, t...
Author: Rob Cameron

A Few Reasons To Hire Social Security Attorneys

04th March 2011
Suffering from disabilities due to accidents or disease is a very unfortunate event in the life of a person. On top of that if his/her claim for Social Security Disability Insurance is rejected, it adds to the woes of the person. Are any of your loved one...
Author: quinlanmurray
Immigration Law

Tips on how to get your Green card renewed?

22nd February 2011
Numerous from the men and women seem to be quite unpleasant with renewing legal paperwork and someday confront issues. So in order to avoid any issue it really is superior to renew all of your legal paperwork like Green card prior to expiry. The Green car...
Author: Howard Barron
Immigration Law

H-1B Cap Gap and OPT Extension

22nd February 2011
Discussion around the H1B cap and the way it effects F-1 college students on OPT. The new Cap Gap rule.H-1B Cap Gap and OPT ExtensionWhat exactly is the Cap-Gap?If you're reading through this short article on the "Cap-Gap" rule, then you definately almost...
Author: Al Kola
Copyright & Trademark


19th November 2010
Innovation helps us all. Your hard earned invention can help millions of people live better lives or function and operate easier. Whether it is a Medical Device Invention or some other form of business, personal, or lifestyle invention you want to ma...
Author: TomJacobsen
Immigration Law

Green card application mistakes – 3 things to avoid

24th June 2010
Many people think that a green card application through the normal routine would be too much of a hassle, and instead go for a shortcut - to marry a US citizen for the same. Although this might be true that the process is indeed faster, it is certainly no...
Author: College ParkHigh

Mediation And Family Law

11th March 2010
By utilizing some form of collaborative law in family law matters, the parties maintain control over the outcome. After all, a settlement can only be reached by agreement among the parties. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement on each and eve...
Author: Mark Baer

E-file Tax Return: Easy and Faster Way to File Tax Return

21st January 2010
As there are online tax filing software and services are available, paying taxes has become easy and convenient. The IRS provides you with Free File tax preparation software that lets you do your taxes for free but the only thing is you need to qualify fo...
Author: Mark Waugh

It's Your Life, Take Charge!

08th January 2010
Here are some practical suggestions on how to make your divorce easier and less adversarial -- so you and your children can move on with dignity and respect. We need to learn how to have a more amenable divorce, especially when there are children involve...
Author: Josh D. Simon
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